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 @ryeong9: (yayaya).. I have no words to say ㅠ that it was released without the correct title.. In one side, I can say that it`s possible since it`s made by people, but as a singer, I am embarrassed and sorry to the buyers. We will watch out. I wish I could fix all of them to Ayayaㅠ bring them to me (how many will they be kk)

**  fans have pointed out that first batch of Mamacita albums have (YaYaYa) written instead of (Ayaya) **


Jackson and his obsession with a Mary Poppins phrase…

Remember precious Kris and the tiny tiger ? (˘˘)

ELFs will stand by you LAVELYs


Yellow card &red card! lol

You’re the prettiest girl in the world
Please accept my love


Rest In Peace Beautiful EunB.

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